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R&A PSYINS Announces Strategic Partnership with Nucleus Holding, Inc.

R&A PSYINS, an independent insurance broker that provides necessary insurance coverages to the psychedelic medicinal industry, announced a strategic partnership with Nucleus Holding, Inc. “(Nucleus”), a venture studio which owns and operates a portfolio of companies that connects stakeholders within the psychedelics industry.

This landmark partnership was established to address a paramount issue facing psychedelic medicinal businesses. While more state legislators are pushing forward psychedelic policy reform – opening the door for more therapists and clinicians, retreats, and investors to enter the space – it is extremely difficult for psychedelic medicinal businesses to access insurance in this current hardened insurance market, leaving them exposed to a wide spectrum of risks.

Click here to read the press release.

R&A PSYINS is at the forefront of this new psychedelic movement providing licensed practitioners, ketamine clinics, psychedelic retreats, drug manufacturers and testing facilities with custom Business Liability Insurances. Click here to schedule a consultation with Eric Rahn.


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