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R&A PsyIns Cyber Defense & Data Breach Insurance

Cyber Defense &
Data Breach Insurance

Cyber fraud is a very real and costly risk that requires its own specific policy. Many psychedelic medicinal businesses and clinicians rely heavily on technology and software to provide their therapeutic treatments. VR/AR technologies and applications are extremely vulnerable to cyber-related crimes. For example, lab data on drugs can be altered, personal records can be hacked and credit card and banking information can be stolen. Given the vast amount of research data,  product tracking, patient information and business operations that you are required by law to collect, your business is a prime target for cybercrime and need Cyber Defense and Data Breach insurance.


Cyber Defense and Data Breach insurance is typically packed with General Liability and Professional Liability insurances, and is necessary to protect your psychedelic medicinal business against lawsuits, as well as penalties/fines from regulators.

R&A PSYINS can provide you with a customized Cyber Defense & Data Breach policy to protect you and your patients.

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