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The Promises & Perils of Psychedelic Medicinal Treatments.

Psychedelic drugs administered in professionally supervised settings by licensed practitioners have shown great promise in helping to treat anxiety, depression and PTSD disorders. As with any niche industry evolving at a rapid rate, the risks are high.


Psychedelics have the ability to fundamentally alter the consciousness of patients and, therefore, are in the highest risk pool for malpractice and other claims. Ketamine clinics, therapists and other practitioners need to understand, mitigate and protect themselves from these perils. For companies that develop, manufacture, test and distribute psychedelics for medicinal purposes, there are a host of additional risks, particularly if the goal is to go public.

As more therapy-focused psychedelic drugs are legalized for medicinal use and more companies and professionals get licensed, accessing critical insurance coverages becomes paramount. No matter where you fall in the psychedelic ecosystem, R&A PSYINS can guide you as to what coverages you need and develop a customized risk management program to ensure you are fully protected.

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About Us
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Risk Management & Insurance Solutions for the Psychedelic Medicinal Industry.

R&A PSYINS is at the forefront of this new psychedelic movement providing licensed practitioners, psychedelic retreats and pharmaceutical companies, both in the U.S. and abroad, with Professional Liability Insurances, General Liability, Cyber Defense, and other custom policies.


R&A PSYINS is a division of Rahn & Associates, an independent insurance broker that provides specialty lines of insurance coverages for highly regulated and complex industries, such as psychedelic medicine.

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